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Why Get Engraved Stationery for Your Wedding?


A lot of soon-to-be-wed couples are on the fence about whether or not they should get custom engraved stationery. It’s easy to see why — weddings don’t come cheap these days.

Do couples need an expensive wedding to be happy? Those cynical about the so-called “wedding industry complex” might be amused to learn that a recent study of 3,000 couples strongly suggests a link between spending more on weddings and a higher likelihood of divorce later in the relationship. Clearly, there’s more to life and future happiness than mindlessly spending as much money as you can on a wedding.

This doesn’t mean, however, that you should take engraved stationery off your list. Engraved wedding stationery and invites can, in fact, be a good way to make a wedding stylish and memorable that doesn’t cost as much as the other components typical of a wedding today.

Here are three reasons you should consider engraved stationery:

Engraved stationery is grounded in tradition

You might have heard that engraved wedding invites have made a comeback. That’s not exactly true. Engraved wedding invitations have never been out of style ever since they started appearing in the 18th century. Engraved stationery is still made using pretty much the same processes that were used 200 years ago, requiring the honed skills of a craftsman at every step of production.

Despite this long lineage, engraved wedding stationery somehow still seems fresh and thoroughly modern. Contemporary design trends continue to be incorporated into this very special craft, but the old-timey, handmade charm of these engraved invites still shows through. Regardless of the designs, engraved stationery connects couples and guests to the traditions of our forebears, and this isn’t such a bad thing.

They make weddings feel like the special events they are

Even as some forms of specialty printing declined in the 2000s (only to get a resurgence in the 2010s, when everyone realized how much better print felt compared to emails), engraving was still very much sought after when it came to special once-in-a-lifetime events such as weddings. We might not have really thought about it, or understand why, but we know traditionally handcrafted stationery is the only way to underline the importance of any special event.
An engraved save-the-date or invitation is an understated yet powerful way of setting the tone for the upcoming wedding. You simply won’t get the same effect if you sent any other kind of invite.

Engraving makes wedding invitations more meaningful

You can spend thousands of dollars on the dress, on flowers or on catering, but in the end, it’s the invites and the memories that come with them that your guests will keep as a physical reminder of your special day. Engraved stationery doesn’t just make a big impression on your guests; it makes the event worth remembering. It’s an intimate expression of how much you value them, and how much you want them to share in a special moment of your lives. There’s simply no other kind of printing that allows you to express this in a way that exudes both warmth, and class.

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