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Does the field of entertainment pique your interests every time you flash through it? Isn’t it often when we wonder where we can find the goody-goody gossips of the industry? For many of us wish for something to read about the entertainment industry involving music and hip hop Now Entertainment is the best option. If you feel bored to get up and open your desktop or a laptop, you can simply download the Android mobile app on your phone and browse through that.

This page gives to you the upcoming talented artists and their works. In regards to the name Now Entertainment, the news in the site gets updated immediately. It is not yesterday’s news or of tomorrow’s. it belongs to the present. Above all the option of reading the news online is a dear blessing. There are many advantages to associate with getting to know your favorite news online instantly.


Some of the advantages are listed as below:
Unlike watching the news on TV, or hearing it over the radio or reading about it on the next day’s newspaper, reading them online gives you a great comfort. You can easily choose which news you want to read and search in detail about the topic which you may have missed in the past.Besides using Now Entertainment is free of cost.There is no limit to the number of articles you read whereas in newspapers you get to read the published sections alone.By reading your news online you get updates every minute.

In a newspaper you need to wait a whole day before you can know what is going on.Online news is more economical than other modes of news distribution. Not every newspaper or TV channel is dedicated specially for music. Here, music fanatics can gorge to their heart’s content on the latest bands and music in the world.Online news allows readers to comment on the news. In this way you can know more about the discussions going on in the field of music.

Online news service:

By reading your news on music online, you can have access to millions of news related to music. As the portal has thousands of users, you will be updated instantly as any advances are made in music. Real-time information is used in the news you read here. Without that users generally incur a delay in receiving their news. Online news makes general news very interesting and when it comes to the field of music, it becomes even more enthralling as there is no paper or TV channels that provide a dedicated section just for the music alone. It is also possible to do a keyword search on your own, but this is a portal where you will get it all together

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