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Indonesian Tourism Is Ranked # 1 As the Largest in Southeast Asia


Indonesia has indeed begun to be seen both in the eyes of the world and many infrastructure facilities which are always well maintained to keep it worthy of being introduced in the eyes of the world.

Arief Yahya as the tourism minister said if Indonesia’s tourism growth is now very high and the biggest of all countries in ASEAN. Tourism here is also already very digital and sophisticated even beating Malaysia and Thailand.

Indonesian Tourism Increases in the Eyes of the World

The concept of digital go brought by the Minister of Tourism will certainly be a good inspiration to be able to pursue the world of Indonesian tourism. As said by Mr. Arief at the 2018 Ideafest event held at the JCC, he said if the President had conveyed that the existing airport lottery tourism sector was one of the highest and WTTC or The World Travel and Tourism Council showed the country with the biggest tourism.

For the world region, Indonesia ranks 9th. For the Asian region itself, Indonesia is ranked 3 and for the ASEAN region alone, Indonesia should be proud because this country is ranked 1 compared to other Southeast Asian countries. Increasingly, the tourism sector is always experiencing intense competition so that all parties are obliged to always maintain and even increase their respective tourism capacities so that they remain the largest.

Arief said if the community and all of them must keep moving to always bring up a variety of new innovations because when competition arises later, it is not big that will defeat the small but who will quickly defeat those who are slow. In addition to providing advice on Indonesian tourism, Arief also gave a message to those who participated in Ideafest 2018 to continue to obtain results that were as maximal as they wanted.

When viewed in terms of competitors, Indonesia has very strong competitors, namely Malaysia and Thailand. But Arief said that if the tourism sector still emerged, the name of the creative economy would emerge so that this would be the most favored sector, even this was the first time the two sectors, both the creative economy and tourism would be superior, so this could be very good news. In addition, Arief said that Indonesia has KEK.

The existence of KEK Will Facilitate Licensing For Indonesian Tourism Facilities

KEK is a Special Economic Zone which is considered to be a good way to increase the growth of Indonesian tourism. Why is that? Arief explained the importance of this SEZ when visiting the Tanjung Kelayang SEZ located in Belitung. He mentioned if this would facilitate growth in the tourism sector because this had to do with licensing. He said if tourism is a business event.

Business is also related to bureaucracy or licensing. In other words, all licenses can be easier with the KEK. Through this SEZ, permission for the development and construction of a particular facility at a tourist location can be done through one door. Easy, all the processes will not be complicated and difficult because the purpose of this development is also to increase tourism. He said all will One-Stop One Service through one door.

So, investors who want to invest capital will not experience any difficulties in licensing because KEK already exists. Like the SEZ in Tanjung Kelayang, it is only held by one company, namely PT A so that anything that wants to be taken care of is done in that one place without the need to go back and forth or go to another place. With the SEZ and all supporting facilities, Indonesia’s tourism can be even more elevated in Asia and the world

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