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The All-New Shopping Features on Pinterest


Giving a new look to your wardrobe? Trying to find a DIY home or wedding decor inspiration? The first thing that pops up in your mind is ‘PINTEREST‘. This is where users get inspired. There are millions of ideas on this social media platform that makes life convenient.
There are times when you find the perfect product on the platform, but it gets frustrating to NOT find it in a store near you. How to solve this issue? The good news is that with the new shopping features on Pinterest, you can connect with the brands that are selling the ‘perfect’ products.
Shopping on Pinterest will be easier and it will help in bringing more traffic to the social media platform. Lately, the platform is adopting new strategies and embracing changes to make it a user-friendly place. Developers are working towards Pinterest for visually impaired individuals. With unique and effective strategies and new features on board, it is surely going to get a lot of attention in the coming years!
Let’s begin! We shall talk about the all-new shopping features on Pinterest which helps in creating a better experience for the users.

The Latest Shopping Features:

1. Shopping by the brand name:

There is a new section that is dedicated to BRANDS! It will help the users to view more of your products. If interested, they can click on ‘more from brand XYZ’.

2. Understanding your choice:

Isn’t it amazing when the platform recommends certain products for you? With the help of algorithms, the platform understands your requirements and choices. You will find a section that provides recommendations for you. In today’s world, the users want a personalized experience and that’s precisely why personalized in-stock recommendations are an excellent way to capture the attention of people!

3. Catalog feature:

The brands can create a catalog and place the products in them. There is a new dashboard in which you can organize the catalog and keep it updated.
4. Shop the look: You can simply click the shopping ads to get the look! It is somewhat similar to the posts on Instagram that you can easily shop. Users can simply view the products, click on the ad and shop for it. How will Pinterest make that happen? There will be clickable dots on certain items that one can simply click on and buy!

Shopping Made Easier

With the above-mentioned features, you can buy your favorite products from Pinterest. It is a piece of great news for eCommerce stores, who want more leads. This platform will help you increase your sales by attracting more leads. Shopping on Pinterest will become fun, and people will get the opportunity to buy products that they always wanted! The all-new features are certainly an advantage in the technologically advanced world.

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