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How To Protect Your Car From Harsh Weather


There are a few simple preventative steps that you can take to lengthen the life of your car. When exposed to harsh weather conditions the metals and plastics that make up your car will deteriorate and fade. Protecting your vehicle from extreme temperatures, impacts from debris and hail, and even the UV rays from the sun can be done easily and without much cost.
Cold weather and hot weather climates alike will damage a vehicle inside and out. The more aware you are of protecting your vehicle the longer it will last, aesthetically and mechanically alike.


Protecting your car from the snow will help you to have a reliable vehicle that is safe and trustworthy for the road. Snow can have a detrimental impact on your car, it will eventually damage your paint from the dirt it collects and rubs against your vehicle. Also it can have an icebox effect on your fluids and the hoses in your engine. Once those freeze your vehicle will become useless.

Make sure to have a nice coat of wax on the paint to help the snow run off. Consistently check your hoses and wires for to make sure they aren’t frozen over, or causing a short circuit somewhere. Clean off as much of the snow and ice as you possibly can and this will help to maintain your vehicles functionality for viewing mirrors and making sure your windshield wipers are operational.


Hail can damage your vehicle even worse and more quickly than rain or snow. It is also much more difficult to predict and be protected from. The best thing you can do for yourself during times of the year prone to harsh weather is to park your vehicle in a covered area if possible. If you cannot do this, try to put some sort of cover over your windshield and any exposed glass.

You may be able to punch a dent out of the cars body but if your glass is cracked you will need to replace the entire panel. Car covers that cover your entire vehicle are also sold. They slip over the vehicle just like a sock and will cover the entire surface area.


The sun can be a menacing enemy for your shiny new car. It will melt plastic interiors, fade your paint, and crack your dash boards. Keep your car waxed as much as recommended to lengthen the life of your paint. Use sealers and protectors for the interior of your car as well. Using leather conditioners and UV protectant for your dashboard will prevent cracking and tearing of your upholstery.

Use sun shades and tint your windows to block as much light as possible. If you can park in a shaded or covered area, do so, otherwise the heat of the day will still penetrate your car and can warp or melt cheap plastic parts that hold things together.

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