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 The organic fluctuations of sonic chemistry. "Wildly primal. Jazzy. Blues-y. Electrical. Contagious."  Always inspired."This music is so clearly channeled from the Divine."Unpracticed, unpretentious, yet still wickedly rockable!"Fire. Water. Air. Ether. Earth."This music combines every element, taking you on an energetic cosmic carpet ride.

Well here we are again, thanks to you dear fan-fam, after 33 years, YA HO WAH 13 minus one,  and you know who the one is, “the man” himself, our Earthly Spiritual Father Yod/Yahowha.Does that herefore make us YA HO WAH 12 ?That would kinda make sense because 12  is also 3,  1 + 2, and there’s just  the 3 of us now on this reunion album which is the first time, well second first time, we jammed the day before this recording to “hear if the ships engines could still fire”, they did, not to my surprise, I think Sunflower was surprised, not Octavius, and poof Sonic Portation your personal virtual Rockin-Merkabah-Psycho-Chariot of God and after 33 long hard years [ another  couple of 3’s]. We sure do miss “the Man” on kettle drum and gong but Octavius has done an admirable job of filling in and this “Shin-Ship” has many galactic portals to fly through into the future.

As most of you know by now, after all these years of digging the Aquarian Family’s music and enjoying the pictures and stories by Isis and E in their book “The Untold Story of Father Yod/Yahowha 13 and the Source Family” [actually the story of Yahowha13 has yet to be told and plans are in the works], that YA HO WAH 13 is a totally spontaneous, live channel band, like father like sons. “What you hear is what we get”, just for you, and in the now of wherever that might be we’ve been recorded…..[can’t wait to play in the Taj Mahal].

People have asked us what YA HO WAH 13 literally means and where it comes from.  The YA HO WAH part is the pronunciation of the four Hebrew letters which mean the conjugation of the verb “is”, YOD HEY VAU HEY. Conjugating the verb “is”, you may or may not remember from school,  means to translate into past-present and future terms thus…..WAS_IS_WILL BE……..but all of that can be placed into one term, THE ETERNAL NOW or T.E.N which is what us Aquarians call our non- religion religion. The religion of the eternal now means being as completely present in the now, no thoughts or feelings from the past or future un consciously playing through and coloring the Now… just being open to the muse that moves us in the fully present where the Being is being.  The big secret of the name YA HO WAH is that when the 4 letters of the name are stacked vertically from the second HEY up to the YOD it reveals the silhouette of a human form. So essentially it is saying you ARE what God is, eternal, and in 4 primary parts which are WILL_MIND_EMOTION_and BODY or FIRE WATER AIR and EARTH….simple and self evident.

The 13 number of the band’s name has multiple meanings as well, [enjoying the headtrip I hope!] Aside from indicating that father was the 1 and we were the 3….it means transformation and transition. 13 is the octave of the chromatic scale of tones leading into the next octave, “I AM the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end”.  13 is the number of original U.S. colonies transitioning from English rule. The Masons embedded 13 into the dollar bill 13 times, 13 is the number for Jesus with his 12 disciples or for Mary, his special feminine disciple and today as I write these liner notes is Friday the 13th of  June 2008, there are no accidents.   Peace